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Airports in Romania - You can view these cities on interactive Map of Romania



Town Airport name ICAO IATA Usage Customs IFR Rwy length
Arad Arad LRAR ARW Civ. Yes Yes 6500 ft
Bacau Bacau LRBC BCM Civ. No Yes 8200 ft
Baia Mare Tautii Magheraus LRBM BAY Civ. No Yes 5900 ft
Bucharest Baneasa LRBS BBU Civ. Yes Yes 10400 ft
Bucharest Otopeni LROP OTP Civ. Yes Yes 11400 ft
Caransebes Caransebes LRCS CSB Civ. No Yes 6500 ft
Cluj-Napoca Someseni LRCL CLJ Civ. Yes Yes 6000 ft
Constanta M. Kogalniceanu LRCK CND Civ. Yes Yes 11400 ft
Craiova Craiova LRCV CRA Civ. O/R Yes 8200 ft
Iasi Iasi LRIA IAS Civ. O/R Yes 5900 ft
Oradea Oradea LROD OMR Civ. Yes Yes 5900 ft
Satu Mare Satu Mare LRSM SUJ Civ. No Yes 8200 ft
Sibiu Sibiu LRSB SBZ Civ. Yes Yes 6500 ft
Suceava Salcea LRSV SCV Civ. O/R Yes 5900 ft
Targu Mures Vidrasau LRTM TGM Civ. Yes Yes 6500 ft
Timisoara Giarmata LRTR TSR Civ. Yes Yes 11400 ft
Tulcea Cataloi LRTC TCE Civ. No Yes 6500 ft


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Aeroporturile din Romania: Aeroport Arad, Aeroport Bacau, Aeroport Baia-Mare, Aeroport Bucuresti Otopeni, Aeroport Baneasa, Aeroport Caransebes, Aeroport Cluj, Aeroport Constanta, Aeroport Craiova, Aeroport Iasi, Aeroport Oradea, Aeroport Satu-Mare, Aeroport Sibiu, Aeroport Targu-Mures, Aeroport Timisoara, Aeroport Tulcea.

Sosiri aeroport international Henri Coanda Otopeni (arrivals)                
Aeroporturi, plecari de la aeroportul international Henri Coanda, bilete de avion rezervarilecari aeroport international Henri Coanda Otopeni (departures)


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